Colour club

Art classes designed to build your confidence and reignite the child within, through fun and exciting projects.

As adults, we lose the ability to be creative as we end up judging what we make and overthinking what we do, putting us off art altogether. We assume that art is just for artists, and forget how much we used to enjoy putting pen to paper, getting our hands messy and painting a splodge and being proud enough to put it on the fridge.

Colour Club classes aim to bring that confidence back, through relaxed and joyful activities, in friendly environments to make you leave feeling excited to get back in to making and doing.

From complete beginners, to experienced artists, I want to bring you all together to have a great time through a range of classes, from plant pot painting, to drawing to printing with vegetables.

Come along, enjoy yourselves and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to start your creative journey.

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